International experience

We are proud to have worked for blue chips, SMEs, and start-ups across multiple countries including the UK, Switzerland, and France

Strategic planning (sample interventions)

Developed a business plan and strategic roadmap for a company seeking to build a new business and a digital transformation.

Planned the operational carve-out of 2 sites enabling the spin-off and development of a new company.

Developed the merge plan of two banks including the definition of a target operating model.

Performance improvement (sample interventions)

Led the implementation of strategic product profitability reporting to help steer the product mix and manage resources across the full value chain.

Centralization of cash at the Group level (centralization of cash flow, cash pooling, optimization of cash flow forecasts and currency risks, rates, liquidity).

Led the assessment of a global regulatory programme across multiple business functions.

Transformation Leadership (sample interventions)

Led the transformation of a global Finance Function for a global retailer (Process Optimization / Shared Service Centres, single IT platform).

Created a new digital business from scratch across all its dimensions (product development, technology, legal, sales & marketing, communication, HR, etc.).

Reviewed a company's business and technology programme portfolio securing re-alignment with the businesses and group strategy.


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